Your Curated Awesome for 7.31.15

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015Tomorrow starts August. Let’s spend the weekend lounging by the pool and reading these awesome articles in celebration.

  1. 14 Ways to Make Twitter Updates More Interesting If there’s one thing that makes my eyes glaze over, it’s a boring Twitter feed. “Product discount 20%” repeated over and over makes me snore. Make Twitter interesting with these tips.
  2. Intent vs. Identity Indicators for Advertisers What do you think? In three years, could Facebook be worth more than Google? Interesting perspective here.
  3. Doubling Down on Bad Taste Social media is a place where when you make a mistake, it does not always help to double down on it. Sometimes it’s just best to express deep regret. Of course, this may be a fake account which has its own issues since they use the practice’s photos.
  4. Should We Excuse Digital Vigilantes? Which brings us to this: how much public shaming is ok even when the person being shamed has done something awful? How much collateral damage is ok? This is a question we need to ask ourselves in a more and more digital world.
  5. Mindful Reminders to Improve Life “Hating another human being never helps” and other excellent tips.

This weekend: less hate both online and offline. That’s the goal for all of us. So say we all.


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