Your Curated Awesome for 7.24.15

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015As someone who is in denial about how insanely, unbelievably fast this summer has moved, I must ask, “HOW are we in the second half of July?!?!”

While you continue to shake your head at this cruel trick Father Time is playing on us, catch up on this week’s reads!

10 Tools to Help you Work Smarter, Not Harder 
I’m not currently using any of these. (Hangs head in shame)

This Short Comic Explains the Brief History of Adobe flash Flash definitely had its heyday. Although it was rather short-lived.

13 Instagram Marketing Tips from the Experts Instagram is the engagement darling in the social media world, with new changes ahead later this year. If there’s ever been a time to take your IG activity seriously, now it is.


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