Your Curated Awesome for 9.25.15

LogoRose2015-200x200Last Friday in September. Congratulations to all of you for successfully making it through the month. Bring it on October – I’m ready for you.

  1. #AskTrump Backfires This is not shocking news. Let’s go ahead and make this a general rule: don’t ask people on Twitter to ask you things. It’s generally going to backfire.
  2. Toxic Work World Again, I’ll say, let’s shed the cult of busy. Hit the gym or the woods or the ocean and zone out for a while. We all deserve to stop being so busy – don’t let your work life consume your life. (Of course, this is easier said than done, especially if you work for The Man.)
  3. Instagram is Fake (Who Knew) I am, at best, a moderate photographer who does not bother playing with filters for personal photos all that much. But others, apparently, can easily be faking their way through Instagram as demonstrated in this photo series.
  4. So, You Want to Start a Revolution I love this angle on what success really means for most of us – what does revolution look like by you?
  5. Key to Happiness at Work is Free Snacks If you’re looking to keep top talent, just feed them. And with that, I think it’s time to get myself some chips and salsa.

Ok, seriously though, if Liz Jostes is being Wendy Darling for Halloween, should I be a pirate? These are the things I need to know for a successful October.


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