Procrastination and Small Business Owners

I’ve been meaning to write a post on InstaRepost for months now. I know how to use this valuable app, I took the screenshots, I wrote the intro, I know what I’d like to say. But I still haven’t fully written it.


Because inserting the photos where I want them and then writing instructions around them grates my nerves. It’s a stupid thing but it’s true.

small business owner procrastination

The truth is, we’ve all got a full plate (I did not say busy). That makes it incredibly easy to put aside the things that we don’t want to do for “later”. But, if you really pay attention to your progress, you’ll find that for certain projects later never comes. As small business owners, what can we do to battle procrastination? As I see it, we have three options.

How to Battle Procrastination

1. Bite the bullet and do it Sometimes, you have to suck it up and power through. No one likes doing their taxes but by golly, they need to be done. So you get it over with and move on with your life. This mentality can be applied to other tasks you’ve been avoiding as well. More likely than not, it’ll take you less than an hour. Procrastination weighs heavy on the soul – there’s no reason to let that situation continue. Get that task off your to do list and it’ll be done. Plus you’ll feel way better about yourself.

2. Drop it from your To Do list Look, maybe the reason you haven’t done the task is because it just isn’t that important to you or your business. Your taxes do need to be done but maybe alphabetizing the socks in your retail store (we all have something equally unimportant we’re stressed about not doing) just isn’t the most important thing you need to do. Prioritizing sometimes means taking things off your To Do list.

3. Outsource it If you really think something is important and you don’t want to remove it from your to do list, like business blogging, but you just can’t find the motivation to bite the bullet it’s time to outsource. Getting someone else to focus on the tasks you despise let’s you focus on the competencies that are more core to your business.

For my part, I plan to have a post on InstaRepost for your enjoyment next week. I need to stop procrastinating. In the meantime, share with me any additional anti-procrastination tips you may have. Please?


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