Your Curated Awesome for 11.6.15

LogoRose2015-200x200Don’t tell me it’s November, even if it’s the truth. I can’t handle the truth.

  1. Your Brain on Emojis I’ve been a long time hold out against emojis. I think they’re easy to misinterpret. But I’ve slowly been adding them into my life after reading how your brain reacts to this form of nonverbal communication. An interesting read about how we connect.
  2. Surprising Ways to Win on Social Media Even the most boring business can rock social media if they’re playing their cards right.
  3. Instagram is Fake This is an excellent read for when social media is making you feel worse about your life. While there’s some controversy over the author’s true motivations for posting this, the takeaway is: photos are edited. Don’t think they’re not.
  4. Facebook Reach Facebook now draws 1 billion active users daily. Daily. Say it with me: Daaaaammmmnnn.

Take some time to yourself this weekend. Soon, the holidays will be here in full force and we’ll all be inundated with to dos. You deserve a pre-break.


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