Your Curated Awesome for 11.20.15

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015Next week is a short week – let’s make this roundup extra awesome as a result.

  1. Why Sarcastic People are More Successful We knew this, of course.
  2. 27 Reasons Old Folks are Better at Facebook than You Are I’m regularly thankful we don’t manage the Walmart social media presence.
  3. Google+ Never Left Us I will never figure out why more people don’t adopt this platform but I suppose that’s just more fun for me. (pppssstt….go check out the revamp)
  4. The Word of the Year is an Emoji That’ll bring you to tears for sure. From laughing. Or crying. Or both. Something. Emojis are confusing sometimes.
  5. Take a Break In an update that’s more personal than business (but still awesome!), Facebook is considering letting you take a break from your ex. This is….sort of refreshing. Although personally, I’d prefer to never hear from most of my exes again, I at least would have needed a break from them were Facebook more popular when I was dating. What can I say, I married young.

The last Hunger Games movie came out this week and I expect you all to see it and report back to me since I cannot see it until next weekend at the earliest.

Have a wonderful weekend – may the odds be ever in your favor.


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