Your Curated Awesome for 1.22.16

LogoRose2015-200x200It is time for a weekend dance party at Chez Zaslavsky. Check out these articles while my DJ revolves it.

  1. Facebook Promises to Fight Hate Speech I am against hate. But in this day and age of cyber bullying vs. censorship, I’m always unsure where exactly the line should be for social media platforms. Ultimately I think this is a good thing – but can it get out of hand?
  2. Are Facebook Likes Still Relevant? Well, probably.
  3. Yelp Reviews Can Go Both Ways Now While I think actually rating customers can be tacky, there are a lot of great points in this Yelp response.
  4. Woman Reviews Dates on Yelp Speaking of Yelp, here’s an amusing story for your day. Be careful this is not safe for work. (NSFW).
  5. The Story of MLK Jr. by Kid President Listen, you guys, I just love Kid President. Worth a watch. Show it to your kids.

Winter is coming at us in a big way this weekend. I, for one, do not want to build a snowman. Stay warm everyone


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