Your Curated Awesome for 1.8.16

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015Welcome back friends and business partners! This year, let’s get Friday kicked off right with a New Year’s edition of curated awesome.

  1. 10 Tips to be More Productive Because if we’re more productive we can fit in more things. I’ll let you choose if that means more work or more play.
  2. 4 Habits Entrepreneurs Should Give Up I am definitely in for #1. What about you – do any of these sound doable?
  3. Staying Healthy as a Freelancer I’d think these tips will work for small business owners too, don’t you?
  4. New Year, New LinkedIn Summary When is the last time you beefed up your LinkedIn Summary? The start of the new year might be a great time to do just that.
  5. New Years Brand Fails Because we should start the New Year with at least one laugh. Oh, technology.

Happy 2016, everyone!! We can’t wait to work together to make this year the best one yet.


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