LogoRose2015-200x200Happy Valentine’s Day weekend! Happy Presidents’ Day weekend! Here’s to hoping you are spreading and feeling the love all weekend long.

Let’s see what good stuff has been published this week!

#ReasonsWhyIDoNotHaveAValentine It’s a Twitter movement, and a funny one at that.

60 Teenagers Reveal What’s Cool – and What Isn’t – in 2016 No need to guess what social media platforms and apps are popular with the teens; just ask them!

You Won’t Be Seeing any GoDaddy Ad at the Super Bowl this Year. Here’s why. If you had a sinking suspicion that your Super Bowl commercial experience wasn’t quite what it used to be, this could be why.

Run Lead-Gen Ads on Facebook Early in the Week (Report) I know that we’ve noticed this trend for the past several months, with Sunday repeatedly showing the best ad results.

How to Get Facebook to Remove a Copyrighted Image This article was shared with us in response to our post early in the week explaining that you can’t simply take images off Google and use them as you desire.

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