Your Curated Awesome for 2.26.16

LogoRose2015-200x200As I pulled together this week’s Curated Awesome, I couldn’t help but think, “Boy, did we have a weird mix of news this week!”

Enjoy the eclectic mix below.

Man Used Instagram to Follow Students and Steal Their Underwear Exactly how one creeper tracked females at bars and figured out where they lived, all using social media check-ins and geotagging.

Why are Some of the Ugliest Sites on the Internet the Most Popular? Have you ever noticed that? If you haven’t, now you will.

Charles Schwab’s CEO Takes Job Candidates out to Breakfast and Asks the Restaurants to Mess up their Order. Here’s why. Hint: Note the mistake, but do so with class & kindness.

11 Kanye West Tweets that Make Perfect Out-of-Office Replies If you have somehow missed Kanye’s latest, this will provide a great summation.

6 Girl Scout Cookies you Thought you were Getting but Aren’t People are pretty serious about their Girl Scout cookies, and them being available only one time of year makes it that much more essential to eat as many Thin Mints as you possibly can, while you can. But did you know that not all Thin Mints are alike? This map of the US will explain.


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