Your Curated Awesome for 2.19.16

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015It’s Friday and it’s time to party. I mean, after the work day is over. Or not. Maybe let’s start the weekend early, what do you think? Well, at least let’s see what’s been awesome lately.

  1. Worker Skips Work for 6 Years And doesn’t get caught until his employer tries to give him an award for his 20 year anniversary. This man is either your hero or your nemesis.
  2. How to Change a Habit But since we can’t all skip work and get away with it, here’s some tips on how to change your habits. If you’re struggling with mornings as much as I have been this week, this article is for you.
  3. 14 Instagram Tools Everyone is getting visual. If you can’t seem to keep up with how pruh-fessional everyone’s photos are getting, these Instagram tools may help you optimize your presence.
  4. Kanye West Replies that Make Perfect Out of Office Messages Just…Kanye. He’s a rainbow colored unicorn that can type.

And in more humorous news, now that Valentine’s Day is over here are some poems made just for married people. My husband and I are united in our hatred for this holiday – it’s one of my favorite things about him. If you’re like us, you’ll enjoy that link above. Just ’cause.

Merry Friday everyone! Tell me how you plan to celebrate the weekend in the comments below!


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