Your Curated Awesome for 4.15.16

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015A very happy tax day to you all!! Be sure to get those returns filed!

  1. Facebook Helps People Who Are Suicidal As much as I sometimes think they’re the evil empire, Facebook also really does seem to try to help people. Whether it’s branding or not, I think this is a positive change.
  2. Facebook’s 10 Year Plan Speaking of Facebook, they’ve got their lives together.
  3. Emoji Mojo I’ve started using emojis more recently. I’ve long been a hold out since I think they leave a lot open to interpretation. Turns out, I was more correct than even I knew.
  4. Smart Kids Jimmy Kimmel asks kids about the gender pay gap. They are wise, as always.
  5. The Skimm on Owning a Business We love The Skimm. Here’s what they wish they’d known before launching their own business.

May we all be blessed with large refunds today. Because if we want our eyeliner to look as amazing as Adele’s (and perhaps you don’t) it’s going to cost us. I think I’ll pass….for now. Dollar dollar bills, y’all!


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