Your Curated Awesome for 4.29.16


Welcome to the last Friday of April! Before you head out to your local garden center for some petunias and tomato plants, let’s revisit some of the really good stuff that’s graced the internet this week.

3 Mistakes Businesses Make on Snapchat I’m not going to lie; I think it’s VERY difficult for most businesses to make a legitimate case for adding Snapchat to their marketing mix. But if your customers are there, you might as well learn the best practices.

How to Use Facebook Audience Overlap to Improve your Facebook Marketing Did you know this analysis feature existed? I had no idea, but now I’m digging in.

LinkedIn Just Made a Savvy Business Move and Nobody Noticed Well, well, LinkedIn! So nice to see you playing hard ball in the social media space!

Quit Designing Website that Only Look Good. Create Sites that Work. THANK. YOU.

Why I Attended SMMW16 & What Made It Great It’s only THE biggest conference of the year! Some excellent takeaways from some of the biggest names in the space.


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