3 Buffer Features you Aren’t Using but Need to Be

If you are a casual but dedicated Buffer user, your Buffer experience may become a whole lot more amazing if you integrate just a couple more clicks into your current Buffer habit.

I promise – it’s totally worth it.

Here are 3 Buffer features to try out NOW.


First, up the Buffer Power Scheduler.

Buffer Power Scheduler

Accessed through the Buffer browser extension, switch from the Single Composer to Power Scheduler view using the tabs at the top.

Buffer Single Composer View

Buffer Single Composer View

Doing so reveals a grid scheduling tool that includes all of the social media accounts connected to your Buffer account.

Buffer Power Scheduler View

Buffer Power Scheduler View

Looking along the left side of the Power Scheduler, you’ll see there are preset future posting times. This gives you the unique opportunity to share your update not only across multiple channels at once like you are accustomed to with Buffer, but also repeatedly. This means more clicks initially, but saves you time in the long run. If you’ve written a new blog post, you should be sharing it multiple times anyway. Now you can do so at once.

Don’t like one or more of the existing times? Click on any of them to change them. You can also click to add another time beyond the 4 preset time slots shown.

Adjust Buffer Power Scheduler times

Want to customize the intro text of your future scheduled updates? Also not a problem! Simply click in the text area to change the intro text. Be sure to click Save before clicking away.

Change text for future Buffer updates

Buffer RSS Feeds

No, this isn’t what you think. It’s not about linking RSS feeds to your account and blindly tweeting or posting them. What the Buffer RSS Feeds feature does is allow you to add 15 RSS feeds, and then selectively choose which specific articles you want to share from those feeds. Access it by click on the Content tab and then the RSS Feeds tab.

Add RSS Feeds to Buffer Account

That’s right – it’s a built-in curation tool. Pull in feeds of your favorite content, select exactly and only the articles you want to share, then fill up your Buffer for the profiles you want!

As you start to type the website or feed address, Buffer will even auto-populate suggestions for you.

Buffer suggests RSS Feeds based on what you type

View all the Feeds at once, or select one at a time from the blue drop down menu.

Filter RSS Feeds you are viewing within your Buffer account

Once you see an article you want to share, click on the Add button to its right.

Choose article from RSS Feed to send to Buffer

From there, you can select any other profiles you want to share it to, choose your image(s), and add any custom text.

Customize article to send to Buffer

Don’t want to share some of the articles pulled in from the feed? Just click the Dismiss button to the right and they will be gone from the list.

Buffer GIFs

And now, just for fun, search through the 8 categories of GIFs provided by Buffer, and share them to your social profiles. Once you see a GIF you want to share, click on the blue Buffer share button in the bottom right hand corner of each GIF.

Buffer GIF Search

Then, like normal, simply select the channels you want the GIF to post to and add any custom text you’d like.

Post GIFs using Buffer

And with that, I’ll leave you to go make even more social media magic, all thanks to Buffer.


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