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If you are aware of the super fab social media tool, Buffer, you likely know it for its “slow drip”-style content posting across many social media channels. More recently, though, Buffer has created its own image creation tool that is centered around making beautiful quote images that you can either download or send to your Buffer.

Meet Pablo.


Meet Pablo by Buffer

Pablo by Buffer Quote Image Creation Tool

In 1 view, you can search through Pablo’s image library or upload your own image (grey button on the bottom left side of the image below), determine what size of image you need based on the social media platform you’ll be using it on (top right corner), select from a few image effects (or use none at all), choose the location of the text on your image (header, body or caption…find this on the right side, about halfway down), search through Pablo’s existing quote database (so you don’t even need your own deep thoughts), and then edit your quote’s text, font, style, formatting and location on the image.

Yes, ALL of that in 1 single view.

Can you say, “Phew“?!

Create quote image using Pablo by Buffer

When you select the quote text of your image, you get the formatting options seen in the 2 screen grabs below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 9.41.30 AM

What I really like about the font editor is that you simply need to hover over a different font name to preview what your text would look like if you chose it. This is different than most image creation tools out there which make you click on and change the font in order to see what it looks like with your text. This is also where you can change the alignment of your text and font size, plus add bold or italics.

Preview fonts on Pablo by Buffer

Another super cool feature of Buffer’s is that once you have the browser extension added, you can highlight any text on any web page, right click, choose “Buffer”, and then have the option to buffer that text or create an image with Pablo. The Chris Brogan quote seen in the screen shots in this post was grabbed using this method.

Highlight text on webpage then send to Buffer or Pablo

Here’s the completed image. We shared directly to our Facebook page from Pablo, but you can also download the image to your computer.

Completed Pablo quote image

The last best part about Pablo by Buffer is that it’s FREE!

Pretty cool, eh? And it takes to little time, too.


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