Your Curated Awesome for 5.20.16

Happy anniversary to me! Today is my ten year wedding anniversary. And happy Friday to all you out there on the Internet. Let’s dive in:Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015

  1. Best Browser Extensions Leave it to Buffer to remind us which browser extensions can help make your life a little easier and your social presence a little better.
  2. Facebook Newsfeed Algorithm Could the algorithm really be in the hands of editors instead of machines? That’s what Gizmodo is claiming. This has interesting implications – though I imagine we may never really know for sure.
  3. Be Happier All Day Who doesn’t want to read this easy tip? I swear it’s easy. Let’s all start doing it – tweet us if it’s working for you! #HappierAllDay
  4. Business Takes Trial and Error This is a paid post but I still thought there were some valuable “real” insights from an actual business owner. Business takes dedication and guts, y’all.
  5. Satan Loves GIF Keyboard So, I am endlessly amused by GIFs because I am a toddler. What are your takes on these (apparently) controversial techno-tools?

Also, this proves that being predictable is not always a bad thing.
That’s it! Friday is a day to celebrate. So, in celebration, I hope that you all have some amazing food this weekend and every weekend. Enjoy!


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