Your Curated Awesome for 5.6.16

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015It is May and I’m already surprised by the heat. Someone open the local pools already! In the meantime, check out your weekly dose of Awesome.

  1. Increase Facebook Sharing I really think Shares are the best kind of Facebook engagement.
  2. Why Some Websites Still Look Like it’s 1995 If you’ve got a client (or boss or employee) who has ever driven you up the wall, you likely can relate to this.
  3. Improve Your Facebook Carousel Ads Because there’s no sense running an ad if you don’t know what you’re doing (or you can always call us).
  4. Make Instagram’s Algorithm Work for You Some of the same old tips, now more important than ever. Algorithms, am I right?
  5. Only 7 Things You Can Control I’ve been having trouble with one of these things I can control, so I thought I’d share this. Self-care is important for everyone but business owners especially.

I know Cinco de Mayo was yesterday but I vote for tacos all weekend. Which I shall get since this weekend is also Mother’s Day. Quick, go get the moms in your life a card!


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