Shark Week: Starting the Hype

It’s that time of year again. I love Shark Week. I look forward to it all year. I’ve long been impressed with the marketing partnerships they’ve developed. But there’s something I don’t think we’ve discussed yet.

Shark Week Sharktacular.

Shark Week Starting the Hype

Shark Week does this brilliant little thing where in the week leading up to the annual Shark Week launch, they replay their best episodes from best years. They also create a clip show that highlights the best moments since the show’s inception.

It gets people all chomping at the bit for a new year of content – and reminds them to tune in.

Why is this relevant to you? Because this is an excellent demonstration in repurposing content. Shark Week is taking content they’ve already created and using it to create new content, promotional pieces, ads and marketing material. Everything from the clip shows to YouTube videos come out of prior year’s content – nothing goes to waste.

This is a great practice for your digital marketing efforts. If you’ve already created content, there’s no reason you can’t find ways to reuse and repurpose that content. A YouTube video you’ve created can become ad content. Or a blog post series you created can be repurposed as a PDF download. There are a variety of ways to reuse content you’ve already created – saving you time, money and helping provide value to your customers.

Bottom line: your content is valuable as both a sales tool and as a time saver. Don’t we all want to save a little time?


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