Your Curated Awesome for 7.1.16

Eli-Rose-Social-Media-Logo-2015Welcome to the very beginning of the second half of the year!

Happy Fourth of July weekend, too!

We hope you consume lots of burgers, dogs, beer, brats and BBQ this weekend! But first, let’s get to this week’s Curated Awesome!

Instagram Study: Interactions Have Dropped by 33% in One Year If you’ve seen a decline in Instagram engagement, at least you are not alone.

7 Advanced Tactics Pro Facebook Marketers Use to Improve Conversions There’s at least 1 tactic you’ve never thought of before. Guaranteed.

How to Get the Full Width of your Facebook Cover on Mobile And never have to worry about the sides of your cover photo being cut off again!

Is Duplicate Content on LinkedIn and Medium Bad for SEO? You don’t want your content marketing and promotion plans to backfire on you, so it’s critical to know what potential obstacles you face before republishing.

How Social Media May Affect your Future Experts weigh in on why you need to be careful what you post, tweet, comment, and pin!


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