When a Customer Really Likes You

So, you’re on social and that’s awesome. Not a lot was happening except for the occasional like or comment from friends and family. But then it happened. You got a fan. And boy, did they like you. In fact, they’re liking all your posts…and leaving comments…and following you on every platform.

It can be a bit nerve wracking – what if something you say makes them stop interacting. Or maybe it can feel like you’ve got a stalker. Maybe your fan even seems a little pathetic.

While everyone’s goal is to increase sales and build brand loyalty, not all people or brands are used to being so obviously liked in every way. However, there are some real benefits to having a fan that likes you – or even like likes you.

When a Customer Really Likes You

When a Customer Really Likes You

  1. Lends You Credibility If you see a business that posts and posts and no one ever likes or comments on the post, you can start to think that the business must not be any good. Having customers who always interact with you or leave reviews or promote your business lends you credibility in potential new customers‘ eyes. Having someone “vouch” for you digitally can make you seem infinitely more reputable.
  2. Spreads Your Message When people interact with your brand, whether it’s by leaving comments or retweeting or leaving reviews, others can see them talking about your brand. Exposing your brand to new potential customers helps to give you an increased reach. Plus, the friends of your friends are most likely to convert.
  3. Boosts Confidence Isn’t it nice to have people tell you that you’re doing a great job? Without getting feedback from people, it can be easy to get discouraged and give up. We’ve seen that many people follow along even if they’re not liking and commenting on your posts. But for every 5 people who are interested in your posts, maybe only one will click the like button on Facebook or retweet on Twitter. Those types of interactions can give you the confidence to keep going which in turn means you continue to reach all five of those people and eventually have the opportunity to convert them into customers.

Having someone who is in your corner can be an amazing thing. If nothing else, it’s a reminder that someone outside of your family pays attention to you and feels your business adds value to their life. We can all use someone in our life who like-likes us, even if it’s on the Internet.


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