Creating and using Facebook Interest Lists is something that can be helpful from a personal Facebook use standpoint as well as a business Facebook standpoint. As Facebook continues to change the algorithm, purposely decreasing the number of business Page posts you see in your feed, you likely aren’t seeing stuff from your favorite places. For businesses, you may have noticed that your Pages Feed is also dominated by a few Pages with little other content mixed in from other Pages you are connected to. As a business operating on Facebook, seeing posts from relevant Facebook Pages is an excellent way to curate content, so not having much variety in your Pages Feed makes that difficult.

(Alternately, if you want to see more stuff from certain Facebook Friends, you can create lists of Friends, too.)

Creating Facebook Interest Lists help you to see the posts that are most important to you without having to deal with the extremely limiting Facebook algorithm.

Yep, that’s correct – you WILL see LOTS more from your favorite Friends and Pages through the use of Facebook Interest Lists.

So here’s what you need to do to create those Facebook Interest Lists…

How to Create a Facebook Interest List of Pages you Follow

6 Steps to Creating a Facebook Interest List of Pages You Follow

  1. Locates Interests in your left sidebar or visit .Facebook Interest Lists Left Sidebar
  2. Click to Add InterestsAdd Interest Facebook button
  3. Facebook will suggest existing Interest Lists for you. You can also click to create your ownCreate a new Facebook interest list
  4. You are now presented with options to add to your Facebook Interest List based on Pages or People you Follow, your Friends, or by topic. You can use the search bar at the top right to filter your options. You do not have to already “like” a Page for it to show up in the search. Choose Facebook Pages to add to your Interest listAs you select Pages, you’ll notice the “Selected” line at the bottom shows a count of total number of Pages you’ve selected so far. When you are ready to finish up your Interest List, click the blue Next button. Search for Facebook Pages to add to your Interest list
  5. Name your Interest List and decide what level of privacy you want for your list. If you are creating an Interest List to track your competitors, for example, you’ll want to make it private.Name your Facebook Interest List
  6. Once your Interest List has been created, you can add Pages or remove Pages to it at any time. You can also adjust the privacy level by clicking on the icon next to your name, underneath the List name at the top left. screen-shot-2016-10-08-at-9-50-14-am

If you visit your Interest Lists section, you can choose to add any of them to your Favorites by hovering and clicking on the gear icon that appears.

Add Facebook Interest List to Favorites

It does take some time to initially setup your Facebook Interest Lists, but once you do, you’ll find that you Facebook user experience – both as an individual and as a business owner – is much better and more on point for your needs.

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