The Our Story section is located prominently on the right side of your Facebook Business Page (when viewing on desktop), or under the Home and About tabs when viewing on mobile. In late September 2018, Facebook also added this section to the center feed of your Facebook Page. However, this addition was temporary. 

The Our Story section added to Facebook Business Pages allows Page Owners the opportunity to share another photo plus a more personal, and long form glimpse into their business. Think of your Our Story section as the Facebook version of your website’s About page. Before you’ve set up your Story, Facebook auto-inserts an image that has been previously uploaded to your Page plus the beginning of the text included in your About or Long Description area as a placeholder.

NOTE: In a Social Media Today blog post published on January 15, 2021, we learned that Business Pages are beginning to be notified that the Our Story section as we know it, is going away. The information included in the Our Story is being relocated to a different area of your Page (and the name “Our Story” seems like it will no longer be used).

NOTE #2: In late January 2021, Facebook began notifying Page Owners that their Our Story would be going away as of February 28, 2021. Facebook recommended copying the current text included your Our Story section, over to the Additional Information field located in the About section of the Facebook Page. This field is text-only, with no image or clickable links available like there were in the Our Story section.

Facebook Business Page Story

Create your Facebook Business Page Story

Click on the blue “+ Finish your story to tell more people about your business” link to edit your Facebook Business Story. 

Facebook Story Default

If you’ve ever used Facebook Notes, the Our Story edit view will look very familiar to you. In this view, you can select a new photo to upload, give your “Our Story” a new title, and add/edit new text.

Post updated Summer 2018: The original recommended dimensions for a Facebook Note cover image were 1200 x 445 pixels. However, more recently Page Admins who were either creating their Story for the first time, or swapping out the cover photo for a new one, noticed that Facebook has begun left-justifying the placement of the cover photo when it’s viewed from your Page (before you click to read the Story in full). If you’ve had your image uploaded for some time and it’s always looked centered when viewing your Our Story section without clicking on it, you’ll be all set until you swap out your current image for a new one. For those who need to work with this updated left-justified placement, we recommend trying to crop the left and right sides of the photo you want to use (this has been successful for multiple folks we’ve helped). A reader who had luck cropping the left and right sides of her image suggested trying the size of: 880 x 445.

Edit your Facebook Story

As you start adding or editing text, you’ll see that you have some basic word processing features like H1, H2, bullets, quote block, HTML editing, and adding an image or link.

Customize text in Facebook Story

Edit text in Facebook Story

When you have it looking how you want, click the blue Publish button at the bottom right corner.

Completed Facebook Story

Once you’ve published your Facebook Story, you’ll see that the new Our Story section replaces the text that used to be in the Long Description area of your Business Page. Other sections such as About and Company Overview remain the same.

You can edit your Story or change the image at any time.

If you’ve already written about your business’ story on your website or blog, you might find it easiest to copy and paste some of the text you already have on your website, into this section.

Facebook Our Story Moves Center Stage

In late September 2018, Facebook made a change that places your Our Story in the center column of your Facebook Page in addition to positioning it on the right (on desktop). This was a helpful change for Page owners who wanted their Facebook Story more easily seen and in a more prominent position. However, this addition didn’t last long. By late 2018, the Our Story section was no longer appearing at the top your Page’s post feed.

Facebook Story Center Page

At this time, you cannot add back your Story to this center column placement. I attempted to modify my Page template to see if you can adjust where or if this appears in the center of your Page, but even with changing the order of your tabs, this was not available.

May 2019 Facebook Story Header Image Issue

In early May 2019, there were several reports of Facebook users being unable to see any new header image that was added to their Story. Facebook still allowed users to upload a new image to the header section of the Story, but once saved, the Story showed only their Story text and not the header image. Facebook Pages with an existing header image still showed the header image; this problem was limited to people changing their header image or adding an image for the first time.

On May 14, 2019, users began reporting that their header image was working again. This seems to have been some type of temporary glitch with Facebook.

Facebook Users can Share your Page Story to their Stories

On May 21, 2019, Facebook began notifying Page admins that users are now able to share the Page’s Our Story, to their own Stories. This sharing capability can be disabled by Page admins.

Facebook Getting Rid of Our Story with its New Layout?

Facebook slowly started rolling out a new look and layout to its Business Pages in early 2020. As someone who was offered – and accepted – this new look in February 2020, I have watched as things have changed (and sometimes changed back), features come and go, and new adaptations we’ll all have to make once the new layout is permanent, like changes to the ideal size of a cover photo among other things.

As more time went by and more users started receiving the new Facebook look, I began to get more and more questions about where the Our Story section disappeared to. As of late summer 2020, it’s a mix of people who can still get to their Story section but can’t edit it and others who can’t find it on their Page at all. At this time, Facebook hasn’t officially announced anything about the Our Story section, so there’s no way to know (yet) for sure if it’s going to go away entirely, or if it’s just been lost in the Facebook Page renovations that continue to take place.

Update October 3, 2020: When viewing my Business Page at, the Our Story section has returned, can be clicked on, and can be edited and republished. I recommend you try doing this while replacing your Business Page’s username with mine. Perhaps this means once Facebook completes its rollout of the new Business Page look, we’ll have this feature back and for good.

Our Story returns to Facebook Business Pages October 2020



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