If you’ve been active on Google for your business for some time, you are probably aware of and even have your own Google+ Page for your business. The Google My Business product is basically the updated version of the original Google+ Business Pages, and this post will walk you through how to get your new Google My Business listing setup and verified.

The primary reasons to have a Google My Business listing (or back when it was called Google+ Page) are:

  • It’s a listing for your business on the most used search engine
  • It gives your business the red marker on Google maps
  • Your Google My Business listing is where people leave you reviews (or view reviews left by others)
  • A resource to customers and potential customers when they want to do things like learn about your business, get your phone number, find your website address, etc.

Google My Business: How to Setup & Verify

Google My Business Listing: How to Setup & Verify 

Setting up Your Google My Business Listing

Begin by visiting Google.com/Business.

Sign in with your Google email account.

You can also choose to create your Gmail account first, if you’d prefer. Some businesses like to use a Gmail account in the business’ name for all online profile logins. This can make it easier for multiple employees to access social media and directory accounts.

Google My Business Sign In

Once you are signed in to your Google account, the first step is entering the name of your business. This is how your business will show up in Google search results. 

Google My Business Enter Business Name

Next, add your business’ street address. You’ll need an actual address and not a P.O. Box or UPS Store-type address for this to be valid. This is also how you’ll get your Google Maps location, so be aware of that if you work from your home.

If you do need to hide your specific address, click on the Yes radio button at the “I deliver goods and services to my customers at their location” line. It will reveal these options below after clicking.

Hide address in your Google My Business listing

Additionally, Google has added the option to clear your address out and allows you to leave the address blank. This is important for those who work from their homes. Note: If you remove your address and don’t list a service area(s), your map view will be the entire United States.


At the bottom, you’ll see a check box that reads, “I also serve customers at my business address. (Your address will be hidden from the public if this box isn’t checked.)” So, to hide your address from the public, uncheck this box. To set your service area, enter the region, city or zip code plus a radius.

Part of the process of setting up your Google My Business profile includes a verification step. One way to verify your new Google My Business listing is to have Google mail you a postcard to this address. The postcard will contain a verification code that you need to enter online to complete the verification process. 

Google My Business Add Address

At the next step, you’ll have to choose from pre-set business categories to describe the type of business you have. As you begin to type, your choices will auto-populate. 

Google my Business Business Category


Google My Business Business Category Choices

You now have the option to include your phone number as well as your website URL.

Google My Business Add Phone Website

Make sure everything looks good before finishing up the Google My Business setup and listing verification process.

Google My Business Confirm Listing

Verify your Google My Business Listing

You have up to 3 ways to verify your new Google My Business listing. If Google doesn’t already have a listing for you (that you haven’t claimed until now), it’s likely your only verification option is mail.

  • Google can send you an automated text message with a 6 digit code
  • Google can call with you a recorded message telling you a 6 digit code
  • Google can (snail) mail you a postcard with the code at the address provided

Google My Business 3 Ways to Verify

I opted to have Google text me a 6 digit code that I immediately entered into the field on my screen.

Verify Google My Business Listing via Text

Within a few moments of clicking on the Text button, you’ll receive a text message to the phone number you entered a few screens earlier. Simply type that 6 digit code into the field and click the blue Verify button.

Enter 6 Digit Google My Business Verification Code

Boom, you’re done!

Google My Business Listing Verified Confirmation

Now you are ready to begin building out your new Google My Business account listing!


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