Claim an Additional Business Location on Google My Business

If you know how important Google My Business is to your business’ search engine presence and want to benefit from features like publishing Google Posts, you’ll want to claim any and all existing (brick and mortar) store locations that you have for your business.

Once you have signed in to your Google My Business account, you can visit this Locations Page to see what store locations are already being managed by you. 

In the case of this client, I have 1 duplicate listing for the same location, and am missing 2 locations completely.

Claim an Additional Business Location on Google My Business

Claim an Existing Business Location on Google My Business

Here’s the step-by-step process of claiming an existing business location to manage from your Google My Business account. 

After signing into your Google My Business account, you’ll see the locations list below.

Google My Business Manage Locations

Click on the blue Add Location button.

Enter the name of your business. Google will auto-populate possible matches as you type. If you spot a location of yours in the list, simply click on it. Your next step will be the verification step.

Business Name Search in Google My Business

Google suggestions possible business locations

If your additional location is not in the auto-populated list, click Next after entering the full business name. You’ll be asked to complete some basic info about your business location in the next screens.

Add Business Location Address for Google My Business

All users who are claiming an additional business location for their Google My Business account will be asked to verify that listing. You won’t be able to fully control your listing until verification is complete.

Verify Google My Business Additional Location Listing

To verify your Google My Business location, you can choose from:

  • Call
  • Text
  • Email
  • Postcard

Google My Business Verification Options

If your first try at verification is unsuccessful, you can click to verify again. You can also choose to verify via a different method.

If you choose to verify via email or text message, you’ll receive a 5-digit PIN code to enter into the pop-up on your screen.

Email Verification of Google My Business Additional Location

After entering your PIN and clicking the blue Verify button, you’ll receive confirmation of your verification.

Google My Business Location Verification Complete

Once your new business location is verified, you’ll be able to access it and fully manage it from your Google My Business dashboard. It will also be added to your list of listings to manage.



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