Facebook Business Manager is a tool designed for agency use that allows an agency owner to assign Page and Ads account access of client accounts to employees at the agency. Facebook has steadily encouraged adoption by more than just agencies – including requiring it for the use of customer email audiences – and getting used to the Business Manager interface feels both overwhelming and unnecessary to many small business owners.

We’ve previously looked at how to accept an invitation to manage a Facebook Page in someone else’s Business Manager and how to move your Facebook Page and Ads Account into Business Manager. Now let’s look at the steps to request access to manager another Facebook Page in your Business Manager, and how to invite employees, vendors or contractors to work in your Business Manager account.

How To Request Business Manager Access to a Facebook Page & Ads Account

How to Request Access to a Facebook Page in Business Manager 

From Business.Facebook.com, click the blue Business Settings button in the top right corner.

Facebook Business Settings

From the menu in the left sidebar, click on Pages, then the blue “+ Add” button to request access to another’s Facebook Business Page.

Request Access to Facebook Page in Business Manager

Note: It is important that if you trying to add a Facebook Business Page that is not yours, into your Business Manager, that you “Request Access to a Page” and not “Add a Page”.

If you haven’t already designated your own Page as the Primary Page for your Business Manager, you’ll be prompted to do so first.

Set Primary Page in Business Manager

Begin typing the name of the Page you’re requesting Business Manager access to. As you type, Facebook will auto-populate Business Page choices for you.

Request access to another Facebook Business Page

Before you complete your request for access, Facebook will ask you to decide what type of access you would like.

Set type of Business Manager access

After clicking on the blue Request Access button, you’ll receive confirmation of your request.

Send request for access to manage a Facebook Page in Business Manager

At this point, the current admins on the Facebook Page that you requested access to, will need to approve your request. They should visit Settings –> Page Roles to see and respond to the pending request.

Pending Facebook Business Manager Request

Once an admin responds to the request, you’ll see the Facebook Business Page in your Business Manager.

Requesting Business Manager Access to a Facebook Ads Account

Much like the process to request access to another Facebook Business Page in your Business Manager, start with the Ad Accounts tab, and then the “+ Add” button to request access to a Facebook Ads account in your Business Manager.

Add Ads Accounts to Business Manager

Under the black bar in the screenshot below is a numeric code that you can send to the owner of the Ads account you are requesting access to, for that account owner to use to grant you access.

Request access to Facebook Ads account

How to Add a User to your Facebook Business Manager

If you need to add an employee or contractor to your Business Manager account, visit the People tab and click to add.

Add User to Business Manager

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite to manage a Business Page or Ads account through your Business Manager. Make sure it’s the email address they use on Facebook.

Add Users to your Business Manager

On the next screen, select the access you want that employee in your Business Manager.

Set asset permissions for Business Manager

Send request for access to manage a Facebook Page in Business Manager

Once the person you added to your Business Manager accepts your invitation, you’ll be able to see and assign access in this view.

Pending access to Business Manager

Although making and setting up all the connections and permissions can be tedious, once you get past this stage, managing a Business Page and an Ads account works the same way as it always did.

Note: If you are moving your Facebook Business Page and Ads Manager account into Business Manager, you need to make sure that you add yourself as a user on your own Facebook Business Manager. It can seem unnecessary, especially since you are the person creating the Business Manager, but you do still need to add yourself as one of the Business Manager users.


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