Small Business Online Marketing Management

As a small business owner, there are only so many hours in a day, only so many ‘hands on deck’, and only so many business and administrative tasks you truly enjoy doing. For many people, the thought of keeping up with the ever-changing online marketing best practices of social media, writing blog posts, split testing Facebook ads, crafting email subject lines, and staying on top of the latest SEO tactics that keep Google happy, is more than they even want to think about let alone follow through on. That’s why we offer a “hands off” version of all of our online marketing services. Learn more about our small business online marketing management services below.

Small Business Online Marketing Management Services

Small Business Online Marketing Management Services

That’s right – any online marketing tasks you and your team don’t want to learn how to do, don’t want to manage, or simply don’t have time to manage, we’re happy to handle on your behalf. We’ve been working with small businesses and internal employee teams ever since starting our company in 2011, and understand the unique challenges small business owners face every day.

We also understand that you might want to keep some social media or online marketing tasks in-house, and that’s totally cool with us, too! We’re happy to be as hands-on or hands-off as needed. In fact, quite a few of our clients share marketing responsibilities with us. It’s never an ‘all or nothing’ scenario when you hire our team.

Eli Rose Social Media is perfect for small businesses, whether they are just emerging into an online presence or need help with growing and utilizing that presence. They are always willing to talk you through confusing algorithms or piece together quarterly marketing plans. They will not lead you astray or play the “yes man” when coming up with ideas. I would recommend them to any company looking for great results and personal planning. ~ Lenora Bendall, The Knowledge Tree

Working with Us for Management of your Online Marketing

In case you are wondering how we can know about so many businesses and industries including yours, let me share a little bit with you about our process. We start off any type of project (social media management, Facebook ads, business blogging, SEO, etc.) with a detailed questionnaire. We want to hear from you about your business, what you sell, your ideal customers, the experience you want a client to have with your brand, who your competitors are, and such. We want to know which other business’ social media profiles that you think totally rock, who you’d like us to avoid (if needed), any recurring events you participate in, and where you typically go to stay up-to-date on things happening in your industry. We also want to know what original content you have to work with, where it’s best for us to source curated content, and determine what content mix is relevant and complementary to your business and ideal clients.

Basically, we try to learn as much about you, your business, your customers, and what your business stands for before we ever hit ‘publish’ on our first post.

If a question pops up that we can’t answer, we want to know how to best contact you about it. If you prefer to respond to all private messages on your social media accounts, we’re happy to oblige. If you need to transmit photos, videos or other docs to us so we can stay current with what’s going on with your business, we’ll set up a Dropbox folder or Google Drive with you.

It’s important to us to make sure we do as great of a job as possible to represent you (even though we can’t ever be you), and are willing to do what it takes to make that work.

Let Us Manage These Online Marketing Tasks for You

If this approach to working together sounds like a great fit for you, here are many of the ways we can help you with your small business’ online marketing:

All of our small business online marketing services are offered a la carte, and the level of service provided can adjust up or down as needed.

There are no contracts, no minimums, and no required retainers involved with working with us, either.

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