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We work with our small business clients to grow their websites, social media presences and sales, and improve their SEO, content strategies and integrated marketing plans. We believe we are not like many other online marketing firms out there. Click for a list of our small business marketing services or services for independent professionals, or to learn more about us. Below you’ll find a list of client testimonials and industry experience.

Small Business Client Industries

Our small business clients are spread from coast to coast, and are comprised of both B2C and B2B businesses. We’ve worked with business owners and professionals in these industries:

  • Physicians, surgeons and medical professionals
  • Published book authors
  • TV personalities
  • Restaurants & catering
  • Home theater & smart home installation
  • Professional speakers bureau
  • Financial & insurance services
  • Education (tech, legal, and standardized test prep)
  • News organizations
  • Photographers
  • Corporate renewal
  • Personal training and yoga instruction
  • Professional coaches
  • High-end jewelry and fashion
  • Real estate, home building, roofing
  • Psychologists
  • Printing & promotional products
  • Teachers’ store
  • Telecom company


  • Consumer products
  • Team building/corporate training events
  • Commercial cleaning company
  • Website design
  • Personalized gifts
  • Bridal alterations & dry cleaning
  • Tech education
  • Pet care
  • Beauty
  • Copywriting


Small Business Client Testimonials

Below are some of the emails and posts from our clients.

Angela Schelp, Professional Speakers Bureau – Executive Speakers Bureau has worked with EliRose for several years now on our social media strategy. They have done a fabulous job writing our blogs, as well as posting on Twitter, Facebook and Google + . They are so easy to work with and we have been very pleased with the content and creativity in the postings. I would highly recommend EliRose to anyone looking to outsource their social media.

Mitch J, Co-Owner Bridal Alterations & Dry Cleaning Business – Thank you for the great work you do for us, our business would not be as successful as it is without your help.

Miles Nye, Team Building & Corporate Events – Thanks Eli Rose! I started out knowing a good deal about social media, and Liz was able to help give me the info to bring me to the next level while also answering some more basic “granny” questions that I was a bit bashful about not being able to figure out myself. Now I have a step-by-step list of helpful ways to improve our company’s social media presence, with a clear understanding of what they’ll do to increase our visibility, SEO, and professionalism. Liz is gracious & easy to work with.

Seth and Laurie Finn, Kids’ Digital Tech Studio Thank you, thank you, thank you for such a thoughtful, thorough and speedy response, it’s hugely appreciated. We don’t take for granted how solid your work is or how quickly you got it done!

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, MD – As a doctor, I know pretty much nothing about marketing and business. Yet here I am, trying to market my new small business. Thanks to the amazing staff at EliRose.com I know exactly where to turn for advice, design, marketing and every social media need or question I could imagine! Their kindness, expertise and really affordable price structure combine to make them the best resource I have to promote my business or take the next step to grow larger.

Terassah Thompson El, Business Finance Consultant – Liz is such an excellent social media manager. Her ability to help clients and colleagues, alike, with content and marketing strategy is unparalleled. I definitely have her on my short list of go-to professionals for social media tips, tricks and how-to’s!

Jim Snyder, Fenestration Consultant – EliRose is phenomenal! In a very short time, Liz figured me out and got to work. She latched on to my challenges and proposed great solutions. She customized and developed my website with specific direction. She is sharp, creative, encouraging and forward thinking. I quickly gained confidence in her and now funnel almost every business question through her. EliRose has demonstrated by actions, not words, that my success is their goal. Great investment! They will be a permanent fixture in my company.

Frank L, Preschool – I learned a lot at our session today. It really helped to do a test campaign during the class. After the class I created an ad campaign I am going to run using I hope all the information and tips you provided.

Angie L, Functional Movement & Fitness StudioEli Rose has set up the Facebook page for success by modeling a strategic posting schedule with a nice balance of fun and informative posts.

Martine De Luna, Female-focused Media Company – I availed of a Social Media Consulting & Training Call from Eli Rose. It was excellent! I was able to give my social profiles in advance, to be critiqued and analyzed prior to the session. I was impressed that Liz (Jostes) already had a strategy in place for me during the call: The PDF, point-by-point strategy was emailed to me. I was also able to ask more questions during the call, which Liz was able to answer and put into context right away. I will definitely be consulting Eli Rose again.

Irina Argo, Author – EliRose is a fantastic company. It helped me to build my Twitter account from 0 to almost 300 followers in one month. Majority of the connections turned to be extremely useful and I utilized them successfully in my book launch campaign. I was also very happy to find out that EliRose can tailor its services to the client’s needs. It was very handy. And of course, the greatest asset of this company is its staff– reliable, professional and great pleasure to deal with. I highly recommend EliRose to everybody who is thinking of developing social marketing accounts with the goal to promote one’s company or services.

Seth Agranov, Food Blogger & Memphis Competition Food Festival Founder – Along with my limited knowledge of SEO best practices, I’d been using tools like Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to compliment my site. However, it was never getting the page views, rank or overall attention from searchers like I thought it would. While my concepts and ideas were good, I just didn’t know how to translate them into something people would spend time clicking around on. It was only when I began working with Liz Jostes, from Eli Rose Social Media, that everything changed. We started out discussing my goals and together working out an integrated marketing strategy. Almost overnight my page views were on the rise and people were linking to not just my site, but to specific posts and pages within. I was getting media attention that I never dreamed of and just a few months from now, my formerly, little known site will be backing a major “first of its kind” event within the city of Memphis, TN. Of course, I’m again working with the professionals at Eli Rose Social Media for my website development, online marketing, SEO and blogging needs.

Poppy Marler, Freelance Writer – I credit my one hour training session with Eli Rose, which focused on SEO optimization and navigating my new WordPress dashboard, for the smooth transition from Typepad to WordPress. Not only did Eli speed up the learning curve, I am convinced I was taught tips and tricks that I never would have learned on my own. As a result of my switch to WordPress and the help of Eli Rose, I have seen my statistics increase tenfold in the last two months. 

Allyson Brake-Miller, Handmade JewelryThis is EXACTLY what I was wanting!! And it gives me plenty to work on over the next 3 weeks. It’s the roadmap I need to move forward instead of getting on Pinterest to pin for work and getting sidetracked. I love a plan! Thank you, THANK YOU!! I’ll put it out in the social media world in the morning!

To learn more about the small business services we offer, or to become the next Eli | Rose client, please email us at Info(at)EliRose.com or call us at (901) 496-3902.

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