Liz-Jostes-Social-Media-SpeakerAre you in search of a social media & digital marketing specialist to come speak to your team or organization? Firm owner, Liz Jostes, has presented on a variety of social media and digital marketing topics to all sized groups, and to a variety of skill levels. With a marketing degree, a corporate background in consumer behavior research, and 9 years honing her skills and knowledge in the social media and digital marketing realm, Liz has a knack for keeping things simple, straight-forward and relatable, while approaching the topic from the angle and skill level of the audience.

Liz has presented locally and regionally at corporations, schools and universities, to professional licensing organizations, and at conferences, and nationally at corporate dealer events.

Liz Jostes brought fun and enjoyment to an ISACA meeting has not had fun and enjoyment in years. Her teaching and expertise in all things social media was a huge help to our members. She quickly read the room and presented her material to engage the audience. Our members felt like they could ask questions and in the end they gained a much better understanding of a subject that is not always as clear as it seems. Many thanks to Liz for her knowledge base and willingly coming to a room full of auditors. – Benjamin Moulder

Past social media & online marketing speaking topics include:

  • Social Media Best Practices (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.)
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Business Blogging
  • Social Media Best Practices as it relates to hiring or job hunting
  • SEO
  • Integrating Online and Offline Marketing Efforts
  • Content Curation and Generation

All presentations are prepared specifically for and tailored to your event and audience. Takeaway documents or supplemental materials can be provided as well. 

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