Purchasing Your Own Domain

Purchasing your own domain is a simple best practice for any blog or business. This makes it easier for users to find you on the world wide web and greatly enhances your brand.

What is Your Domain

Your domain is the world wide web address for your site. It is what comes after the http://www in any URL. For instance, the domain for Eli Rose Social Media is EliRose.com.

Depending on how your site was originally set up, you may be using a subdomain hosted on another company’s domain. For instance, if you set up a blog with Blogger, your initial domain would be EliRose.Blogspot.Com. This is can be confusing for users and make it harder for them to find your site.

Why You Should Purchase Your Domain

Most users, when searching for a particular site, will assume its domain is yoursite.com. For instance, if your site name is Taming Insanity, they will likely assume its URL is www.taminginsanity.com.

Many users find sites through Google and other search engines. Having your own domain makes it easier for them to both find and remember your site.

How to Purchase Your Domain

Purchasing a domain is easily accomplished through sites like Go Daddy or Domain.com. These sites will conduct searches for you to see if your desired domain is available. If it is, you can then automatically purchase it for a nominal yearly fee, typically less than fifteen dollars.

If your domain is already owned by someone else, they will also facilitate you buying the domain from that person. This process is more expensive but is worth the cost in some instances. For example – if you were Google and the domain google.com were owned by someone else, it would be greatly beneficial for you to purchase that domain. This helps you be sure users find your site and not someone else’s.

Alternately, if your domain is more flexible, you can purchase a different domain. This option is especially relevant for businesses just starting up, who can tweak their name to fit which domains are available.

Purchasing Your Domain Helps Build Your Brand

Owning your own domain is a simple way to streamline your users’ experience, make it easy for people to find you and helps you to effectively target your market. Purchasing your own domain is an important step in building your company’s brand.

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    I think it looks so much more professional with just the blog name.


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