Setting Up Your Facebook Fan Page Vanity URL

Your plans for building a social media presence for your business, handmade  shop or website most likely include the use of a Facebook fan page.  Anyone who has a personal Facebook account can create their own fan page, but until you have at least 25 fans of your page, you are stuck with their default Facebook fan page URL.

The default Eli | Rose Social Media fan page URL looks like this:

facebook fan page

Choosing Your Facebook Fan Page Vanity URL

1. From your existing fan page, click the “Edit Info” link under your fan page title.

facebook fan page

2. In the “Username” section, click on “Create a username for this fan page?”

facebook fan page

3. If you are an admin for more than one fan page, you’ll first be asked which fan page you want to customize.  Double-check that you have selected the correct page before continuing. After choosing your fan page, you’ll be asked for your desired fan page username.

facebook fan page

Enter your business, etsy shop or website name (no spaces allowed between words), and check for availability.

Please note: once your fan page username is set, you will not be able to edit nor transfer that name. So check twice before clicking.

facebook fan page

4. After confirming your desired fan page username, you will see a notification to now direct your fans to your branded vanity Facebook URL.

facebook fan page

Also be sure to update any existing links for your Facebook fan page, including the linked social media button on your website.

Having a customized Facebook page URL assists in your overall branding efforts as well as makes your fan page URL easier for your fans to remember.


  1. Rebeccare

    Awesome! Could you do a post about running a FB ad? I have a code for a free ad, but got a bit lost when trying to set it up! Glad to have found you!

  2. SurferWife

    You guys ROCK. Look at my FB page url now:

    Super cute. And simple.

    Unlike my personality.

  3. Mom Went Crazy

    You guys are amazing! I did this for my blog, but also for my professional site.

  4. Jacki

    Finally reached my 25 fans and remembered you had this post. Thanks so much for being here for me to refer back to!

    • admin

      You are quite welcome! And our posts will keep coming!

  5. angela

    I am setting this up. I don’t know if it’s going to work for me or not, but I will have to figure it out more after I am done making play-doh fish for my “play doh students” as Abbey just referred to herself and Dylan :/

  6. Professor Brey

    Thanks for the step by step on changing the vanity URL so my students can now find me on Facebook. I greatly appreciate the visualizations!

    • admin

      Glad to hear it, Professor! Thanks!

  7. Jill

    Thanks so much! I’ve always hated that mumbo jumbo stuff on my URL. How many things can Liz teach me in one lifetime?



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