A gravatar is a “globally recognized avatar” and is commonly seen in the comment sections of blogs and websites.  A gravatar is an image associated with your email address, and every time you leave a comment with that email address, your gravatar appears next to it.


How to Create Your Gravatar

1. Visit http://en.gravatar.com/site/signup/ and enter the email address you plan to use for blog commenting.

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After clicking on the Sign Up button, you will see a notice to check your email in order to confirm your account.

2. Follow the activation link sent in the confirmation email. You’ll then be asked for a username and password to create your gravatar account.

3. Upload your branded photo to complete the process.  The branded photo you select should be the one you use throughout all your social media profiles.

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4. As the final step, you’ll be asked to select the rating for your gravatar image.

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Using a gravatar is like leaving a virtual business card on someone’s website every time you leave a comment.  Setting up your gravatar is an easy and important way to promote your brand.

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