There are a number of marketing strategies out there. However, all marketing strategies fall into one of two buckets: push or pull marketing. In order to be successful, you need to utilize both types of marketing and understand what they are.

What is Pull Marketing

Pull marketing is designed to draw the buyer to you. These strategies are tried and true; they’ve been around for years. Pull marketing includes strategies like discounts, giveaways, and free samples. Ultimately, you are providing something to pull people towards your website or store.

What is Push Marketing

Push marketing is designed to get your users to circulate your message for you. Push marketing strategies are designed to generate word of mouth about your product, service or website. This is becoming increasingly important in the new marketing environment and is why many businesses are developing blog, Twitter and Facebook strategies. These tools make sharing easier thereby helping your clients push your message to others should they wish.

Which marketing strategy is right for you?

Push marketing strategies are becoming increasingly popular in the marketplace and have numerous benefits. However, pull marketing strategies can bring new customers in the door who will then push your products. All businesses need to have some combination of both push marketing and pull marketing.

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