Keep Share Buttons at the Bottom of the Post

There are many pretty ways to design a blog post. Having a visually appealing layout is an important part of your blog’s success. People will not remain on your post if the design is so bad their eyes can’t focus on the page.

However, it’s also important not to swap form for function. One of the areas this occurs most often is when people place post share buttons at the top of this post. While it may work well with your design, its cumbersome for users.

When designing your pages, you should always think of how your users will be using the page. Share buttons allow users to easily share posts they like with their friends. So when will they use the share buttons? After they’ve read the post and found they liked it.

Let’s think about it from the user’s perspective. They read your post. They loved it. They want to share it with the world. They can’t find your share buttons because they are at the top of the post. That can be frustrating to some and may cause them not to take the time to share at all.

It’s rare that people will scroll back to the top of a post just to share your content. Making it easy on your users means they are more likely to actually share your content. So, when designing your post layout, keep your share buttons as well as comment links at the bottom of the post. This makes it easier on your readers and helps spread your wonderful words.


  1. Miel et Lait

    I was just thinking about this! It makes sense to design with the reader in mind, which is why peer review can be so helpful.I’ll keep this in mind.

  2. Jessica

    THANK YOU for this tip. I hate when I have to search for a share button and usually just give up and move on.

  3. Kristin @ What She Said

    It seems like such simple common sense, but I also often have to go hunting for the share buttons. It’s aggravating.

  4. Amanda

    Totally agreed. I need to figure out how to finagle my share buttons at the bottom on my blogger blog. Also not sure how to get the “tweetmeme” button at the bottom. It’s all in the code. Great post!

    • Admin

      Take a peek at your code. There is probably a bit about where it is positioned – in terms of top vs. bottom – along with if it sits on the left or right.

  5. Yuliya

    Do you have any suggestions for a plugin that will do this for WordPress?

    • admin

      You can change the location of things like your TweetMeme in its settings. I can send you a screenshot, if that helps.

  6. Jessica

    I just moved my Tweet button to the bottom with everything else. Thank you!

  7. SurferWife

    I don’t think I even have share buttons on my stupid blog.

    I have like the 80’s version of a blog. Or like the Pac-Man vs. Wii syndrome.

    Super outdated but baffling enough to keep coming back and playing.

  8. SurferWife

    I updated. I felt you should know.

  9. Mirjam

    I just removed my share buttons because no one was using them, but this made me change my mind. Great tip!


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