UPDATE 11/9/14: WiseStamp has instituted a $4/month (so, almost $50 a year) fee if you want to use their email signature tool *without* having a “Want an email signature like this? Click here!” sales pitch included.

Why Use a WiseStamp Email Signature

Using a WiseStamp email signature helps you promote your brand by letting others easily find you on social media sites. WiseStamp is a free, easy-to-use online tool that adds functionality to your Gmail, AOL, Yahoo! and Hotmail email signatures.  WiseStamp allows you to improve the usefulness of your email signature by offering linked social media buttons as well as dynamic content, such as your most recent tweet or blog post.

How to Install a WiseStamp Email Signature

1. To create your WiseStamp email signature, you first must download it to your internet browser (WiseStamp is currently available on Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers).

2. Once downloaded, you can immediately begin work on your WiseStamp signature (no account needed, although WiseStamp also offers a premium membership option).  I began by typing my name and adding 2 linked website URLS.

You can choose the font style, size and color, and even upload a photo to your signature.

Next, you can determine what add-ons you would like to include.  The first tab shows the Apps that are available.  This is where you can choose to include a recent blog post, tweet or stumbled page.

3. The second tab – Social Icons – is where you select what social media buttons to include, and link to their respective profiles.

I chose to include my personal Twitter profile, Facebook fan page, personal LinkedIn profile and my personal blog’s RSS feed.

4. The third tab – IM Icons – allows you to select social media buttons also, but for IM tools like Skype and Yahoo! Messenger.

5. Once you’ve designed your signature, click to preview it.

If you are happy with how it looks, click “OK” and your new interactive, app-filled email signature is immediately ready for use.  Simply sign into one of your webmail accounts, and compose a new message, or forward/reply to an existing one, and your new WiseStamp signature automatically appears.  Please note: be sure to turn off any existing email signatures you may currently have in order to avoid signature duplication.

Please visit WiseStamp for additional information or to find out about its premium membership.

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