The Google +1 Button and Adding it to Your Site

Google’s focus on all things “social” has been steadily increasing in recent months. Google now places greater importance on the information that is shared via social media sites like Twitter and Facebook, and is incorporating that popularity into the search results it provides.

Taking that “popularity” idea one step further, Google has now created its own way to learn about what internet users like and want to read: Enter the new “+1 button“.

What is the Google +1 Button?

Google describes its +1 button as “shorthand for ‘this is pretty cool’.” Those who click to rate a site or page as a +1 are essentially tagging it so their friends and contacts can know that they have found that site or page to be useful.

How Can I Add a +1 Button to my Site?

Google introduced this new “favorites” button in March but more recently made it available for others across the internet.  You may have already noticed it among the collection of social sharing and social bookmarking buttons on sites like Mashable.


Both and Blogger users can now easily add it to their sites, too.

To learn how to add the +1 button to a Blogger blog, check out the step-by-step tutorial on Blogger Buzz.

WordPress users can search within Plugins to easily find and add it.

How do I Use the Google +1 Button?

Let’s just say you finish reading this particular post and think it’s pretty valuable, so you click the +1 button. If you already have a Google profile, you’ll see a confirmation message box that looks like this:

After confirming your +1, you can view it and all other pages you’ve favorited, from the Nav Bar of your Google Profile page.

And if you have yet to create your Google Profile, you’ll be asked to in order to confirm your +1 action.

The advent of the Google +1 button marks a huge stride in social media and search engine optimization. Look for a continued focus on social media in the marketplace in the coming months.

Have you been marking websites as your +1 favorites? What is your preferred social bookmarking site?


  1. Alison@Mama Wants This

    So far, no one has +1’ed any of my posts – I think it’s because no one knows what it is! So thanks for this!

  2. Mrs. Jen B

    Shut up! Once again, telling me something I had no idea existed. What did I do without you guys??

  3. JDaniel4's Mom

    I have tried adding this element and it doesn’t appear under my posts.

    • admin

      Did you read through the linked Blogger blog article? You need to first activate the Share button option and then it should be included.

  4. The Sweetest

    I checked out the article but didn’t see WordPress instructions. Any suggestions?

    • admin

      For WP, you just need to search for the plugin and install it. It’s that simple. 🙂

      “WordPress plugin – Google +1 Button”

      After install, you can choose the size and location of the button.

  5. Jen {at} take2mommy

    Yea so I noticed about a week ago that this +1 button was on my blog, under all my posts. No idea what it was or how it got there. Thanks for the heads up!

  6. Tracie

    I noticed this on a couple of blogs today.

    On my way to add it to mine, now….

    • Tracie

      Got it!!

      That went easier than I thought it would. =)

  7. Kate

    and like the sheep I am in your herd…I just added this. and plus oned this post.



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