Receiving automated “Thanks for following! Let’s connect further on my Facebook page!” direct messages is the bane of many Twitter users’ existence. Some are so passionately against auto-DMs, in fact, that they will immediately unfollow a person after receiving one.

SocialOomph is one company that offers the automated direct message service. What makes SocialOomph different is that it also has an easy-to-use, helpful process to opt out of any automated DMs sent by their company.

Opting Out of Twitter Auto-DMs from SocialOomph

1. Follow @OptMeOut.

OptMeOut-Twitter-page2. Wait for the follow back and DM confirmation.

3. Send a DM back to @OptMeOut (It doesn’t matter what you write in your DM response).


4. After sending your DM, unfollow @OptMeOut. @OptMeOut will send you one final confirmation DM and then unfollow you.

You have now completed the SocialOomph DM opt-out process. You should start seeing a marked decrease in the auto-DMs you receive.


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