A custom landing tab for your Facebook fan page serves both functional and creative purposes.

Custom Facebook tabs are necessary (per Facebook promotions guidelines) if you run contests on your fan page. Plus, building a tab with your desired images, features and functionality gives you the chance to tailor your tab to the specific needs of your business or website.

ShortStack is a free, easy-to-use tool that we’d recommend you check out in order to build your own custom Facebook landing tab. We like ShortStack because of how many great functions you can integrate into your tab, how detailed you can make each of those functions, and how you can determine what is seen from the Admin view, Fan view and Non-Fan view.

For an insider’s peek at some of the capabilities involved when using ShortStack for your Facebook landing tab, check out our brief video.

(For a larger, full screen view, click the arrow symbol next to the YouTube logo, at the bottom right corner of the video.)

To view the final product, check out the Eli | Rose Facebook page. If you aren’t already a fan, you can see what features become visible once you “like” us.

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