Signing up for a free Google Webmaster Tools account is a great way to learn about how Google understands your site and what your site looks like on the web. You can also link it to your Google Analytics account which will provide some additional data in your analytics account that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Create a Google Webmaster Tools Account

If you haven’t already created a Google account, you’ll need to do so before logging in to Google Webmaster Tools.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll begin by adding your website URL to the Add a Property field.

Google Webmaster Tools Add a Property

Next, you’ll need to verify your site using 1 of a handful of methods. If you already have a Google Analytics account, that’s an easy option.

Verify site with Google webmaster tools

Follow the steps provided for your chosen verification process and then click Verify when done.

Data Available from Google Webmaster Tools

Upon signing in, you can immediately view your Google Search Console. From it, you can access all sorts of (more technical) data like your site’s search appearance, search traffic including links to your site and mobile usability, Google Index status, and other items like crawl errors and Fetch as Google.

Google Webmaster Tools Search Console

Spending time clicking through the analysis provided about your site may lead to important changes that pay off for you in the long term. Your Google Webmaster Tools Search Console is also where to go to look at keyword search information that leads visitors to your site. 

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