“How To Use WordPress” Service

Getting started with a web presence for your small business brings with it its own set of challenges. For many, the lack of knowledge of the inner workings of a website and the lexicon are pretty large barriers to entry. Even for those who have successfully worked in a simple, free website platform before and want to “move up” to something more customizable, professional-looking, and SEO-friendly can be hesitant because it’s a new software to learn.

WordPress is an extremely popular website platform (the fancy name is “CMS” or Content Management System) that is loved for its professional look and high level of functionality, customizability, and scalability. We here are Eli | Rose Social Media use WordPress, and it’s also the platform we regularly recommend to our small business clients.

To help ease concerns and drastically shorten the new user learning curve, we offer a WordPress training service to help you understand how to use and navigate around your WordPress site.

How to Use WordPress Training

Our “How to Use WordPress” Service

  • 60 minute screen share session
  • We’ll navigate around inside of your own WordPress website together
  • We’ll cover all the main – and not so main – parts of your WordPress dashboard so you feel comfortable to work within your website
  • WordPress Training will include how to add new website pages, rearrange your navigation menu, how to download and install plugins, edit an existing page, publish new blog posts, add a new user, complete plugin, theme, and WordPress updates, and where to implement SEO
  • We’ll also cover any specific plugin (added functionality) you have had added to your site so if there are certain specific features you need to use, you’ll know how (e.g. security, email marketing, analytics, classes/workshops, etc.)
  • Your session is open-ended, so bring your questions

Want to connect with a member of our team to discuss your specific WordPress learning needs or to learn how you can get started? You can call us at 901-496-3902, email us at Info@EliRose.com, or complete the short form below.

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  1. NotJustAnotherJennifer

    What a fantastic service!! I will have to take you up on this when I get around to switching. 🙂


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