E.R. Recommends: Using Pinterest to Promote your Site

Pinterest is staking its claim in the social bookmarking world as more and more people are adding boards and pinning their favorites internet finds.

But using this online tool to promote your own content?

Morgan from The Little Hen House tells you how.

It’s a great read and one more reason why you should start pinning.


  1. Brianna

    Great post! It never even occurred to me to use Pinterest for my blog, but that’s an awesome idea. I am definitely going to work on pinning my posts.

  2. Julie

    Really? I’m disappointed that Eli|Rose didn’t do their homework on the company before recommending the article. The point of pinterest isn’t to promote your own blog posts (see Pinterest Etiquette here: http://pinterest.com/about/etiquette/) but rather to pin things that you find helpful for yourself.

    The reason I like Pinterest so much? It’s not about driving traffic to your blog and promotion all the time. I unfollowed people on their recently for pinning their own items (i.e. giveaways, etc.)

    • admin

      Actually, Pinterest’s Etiquette states to pin a project or photo that you are proud of.

      We in no way recommend that every blogger should pin every post they write. We are highlighting an article written by another blogger that explains one way to use Pinterest.

      There is a parenting blogger, for example, who read Morgan’s article and pinned an autism post. Pinterest is a resource for information as much as a place to find stylish clothing, etc.

      • Julie

        Absolutely I agree that you should pin something that you are proud of and think will be beneficial to others. The blogger you highlighted however has a 3 step process (useful posts, posts with pretty pictures & other things you find interesting on your own blog) for promoting your own blog content. That is blatent self-promotion.

        I have no issue with others pinning articles that they find useful (I’ve done that with an Eli|Rose article myself to remember & find easily later) – but when you are pinning your own things over and over as this blogger stated to do, it is the annoying self promotion that Pinterest wants to avoid.

        • admin

          We have Etsy clients as well as readers who write craft, sewing/knitting, kids’ activity, etc type blogs. For them, understanding how to use Pinterest is very applicable because they regularly write tutorials for others to implement.

          While Pinterest might not be relevant to a personal blogger such as yourself, it is very relevant to other readers and clients.

          We are a resource site and we strive to provide information for all kinds of bloggers as well as handmade shops and small businesses. Every post is not going to be geared to every reader.

  3. Dana K

    Thanks for sharing this! I have pinned two of my posts & will be pinning some upcoming informative posts about my son’s mitochondrial disorder during Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week. My “regular” pins far outnumber my shameless self-promotion on Pinterest.

    I think, much like Twitter accounts that solely post their own blog links, Pinterest users who only promote their blogs will be sidelined.

    Morgan offers great tips to make your blog posts more Pinterest-friendly.


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