Replying to comments can be a great way to keep communication open with followers, to show readers that you care about what they have to say, and to get people coming back to your site.

However, if people don’t receive your comment replies, it’s really not helping you at all to spend the time replying to comments.

When using self-hosted WordPress, there is a box at the bottom of posts that gives commentors the ability to check the box to have comment replies emailed to them.

If you have not added a comment reply plugin to your site, when a user checks this box they will get every single comment left on that post emailed to them. This causes the commenters’ email to become flooded with comments that have nothing to do with the comment they left on the post and can be really annoying if that particular post gets a lot of comments.

To remedy this, here are few plugin options for comment reply notifications that you can add to your site to keep the communication open without flooding your readers’ inboxes.

ReplyMe  – with this plugin you can modify the settings to change the subject line, message, and format of the email. To change the settings go to Dashboard–>Settings–>ReplyMe.


One thing to note with this plugin is that you must ensure that nested comments are enabled. To do this go to Dashboard–>Settings–>Discussion, and then in the section titled “Other Comment Settings”, make sure the box “Enable threaded (nested) comments” is checked.


Comment Reply Notification – with this plugin after it’s installed you have to change the settings before comment replies will be emailed. To change the settings go to Dashboard–>Settings–>Comment Reply Notification. Here you can select the option you want for emailed comment replies.


You can also edit the subject line for the comment reply and the notification message within the settings of the plugin.


 ReplyMail – with this plugin you can modify the subject line and content of the email in the settings. To change the settings go to Dashboard–>Settings–>ReplyMail.


After making changes to any of the above plugins be sure to hit the save button.

The format of each emailed comment reply from these 3 plugins is different but they all serve the same purpose: to get your reply to the commentor.

So, add one of these plugins (not all) to your site and keep the conversation going.

Do you make a point to reply to comments left on your blog?


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