Customize your LinkedIn URLs

Once you’ve completed all the sections of your LinkedIn profile, it’s helpful to customize your profile URLs. Claiming your personal LinkedIn profile URL is helpful for recall, and linking your business’ name vs “company URL” is a great way to extend your brand.

Customizing your Personal LinkedIn Profile URL

Your default LinkedIn URL looks something like this:

But you can easily make your LinkedIn URL look like this:


When you are signed into LinkedIn and viewing your personal profile, choose to customize your public profile URL.

Enter your name as you’d like it to appear in your new LinkedIn URL.

 Then after saving your newly-chosen custom profile URL, you’ll notice it at the bottom of your profile box and can begin directing others to it.

Customizing your LinkedIn Website URLs

When you add a new URL to your personal LinkedIn profile, you’ll see a drop-down menu listing several choices.

If you choose “Company Website”, for example, LinkedIn will simply display your web address. If you choose “Other”, however, you are given the option to name your link and include your URL.

Making these small, easy changes to your personal LinkedIn profile show that you are attentive to details and can be a perfect finishing touches to your professional online presence.

*This is 4th in a series of posts on LinkedIn.


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