In a previous E.R. Recommends, we featured a post by Amanda Austin on the new version of Google Analytics and its real-time analytics feature.

Building off that, today’s “recommended” post isn’t a post but a specific feature in Google Analytics.

Google In-Page Analytics

Under the “Standard Reporting” tab, look for Content in the left sidebar, then In-Page Analytics.

Google In-Page Analytics

It takes a moment, but then your home page with little percentage boxes will appear on the right.


This view shows you where visitors click most. There is an orange bar at the bottom that shows the percentage of clicks that occur beneath the current, viewable portion of your home page.

If you click on the colored button on the right, you can see the same information but as a “temperature” read, with red being the hottest spots and blue the coldest.


Have you used this feature to get a better read on your website’s visitors? What’s your favorite feature of Google Analytics?

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