How to Build your Company’s LinkedIn Profile

You’ve made the decision that it would be worthwhile to create a LinkedIn profile for your business, and now you need to get started.

Creating a LinkedIn Business Account

1. Click on the Companies tab in the Nav Bar. On the right, just under the search bar, you’ll see a link to “Add a Company“.

2. Enter your company name and email address in the required fields.

Note: Addresses like are not accepted. You need to have a branded email address such as in order to move beyond this required registration step.

3. Once you have confirmed your new business account, you can begin building out your profile.

Building a LinkedIn Business Profile

1. From the Overview tab, click the blue Admin Tools button on the right. From there, you can choose to Edit, Delete or Promote your company from the drop-down menu.

2. Look under Edit to complete basic informational fields about your business. This view is where you can upload your company logo and location information, include your URL and industry type, add your company RSS feed (if applicable) and complete your company’s description and list of specialities. This is also the tab you need to visit to enable the Company Status Updates feature.

3. The Services tab allows you to add a listing for each product or service your business offers. With each listing, you can include text to explain that product or service, a direct URL that a visitor can click on to visit a page on your site pertaining to that product or service, a link to a YouTube video about that product or service and a contact name.

Once a new service is added, you can share it with others and ask for recommendations from connections who have bought or used that product or service, too.

4. Still under the Services tab, you can tailor your company’s featured service offerings to various audiences. To get to this screen, simply click the blue Admin Tools button, followed by Edit in the drop down menu.

5. Interested in analytics? LinkedIn provides simple analytics to show you visitor and pageview counts and trends. You can access that from the Analytics tab in the Nav Bar.

Once your LinkedIn company profile is complete, you can share it with others, acquire company followers and even advertise your business with LinkedIn Ads.

Do you have a company profile for your business or blog?

*This is 3rd in a series of posts on LinkedIn.



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