Creating your Google+ Photo Strip

Images are an important piece of building a strong brand identity. Plus, images add visual impact and interest to your website and other social platforms. From your Twitter profile, to your Facebook fan page, to your blog posts, images often say more than the words on the page.


Google Plus Page vs Facebook Fan Page

Prior to the advent of Google Plus, Facebook fan pages were the standard for online brand pages. Both Facebook fan pages and Google Plus pages hold 5 photos in their respective photo strips, but there are 2 key differences between these 2 photo strips:

  1. Photos uploaded to the Google Plus photo strip do not reorder with each page load.
  2. Photos shared on a Google Plus page are not automatically added to the photo strip.

These 2 differences make for a significant branding advantage with Google Plus over Facebook. Below are 2 examples of Google Plus brand pages, both which make it easy to see how Google Plus is the winner in this regard:

Adding Photos to your Google Plus Photo Strip

Not every person or brand needs a visual masterpiece like Coca-Cola‘s and Mashable‘s above. However, it’s important to A) fill up your photo strip and B) choose images that properly represent you and/or your brand.

To add photos to your photo strip, start by visiting your Google Plus page and clicking the light blue Edit Profile button on the top right side.

From there, you are asked to Add some photos. You can choose to designate photos you have already uploaded to a Google Plus album, as a “Scrapbook Photo”, or you can upload a new photo from your computer.

(*It’s important to note that the photos connected to your photo strip are located in your Scrapbook Photo album vs the Profile Photo or Photos from Posts albums.)

Once you have added the photos you want in your photo strip, click the Done Editing button. Your photo strip is now complete.

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Have you built out your Google Plus profile, either for your own personal page or for your brand?


  1. JamericanSpice

    Thank you for sharing about how to do this. I really wanted to learn how.

    I’ll share about you in next week’s post!

  2. Ian Anderson Gray

    Great post. I love the Coca-Cola and Mashable screenshot examples. You can actually achieve this affect fairly easily using a tool called GPlusBanner. Basically you upload one photo and they give you 5 square photos back so that you can get the panoramic effect. Check it out –

    Another cool thing is to upload more than one image for your business profile pic. If you do this in reverse order then you can get it to do animate through all the different photos. It’s a bit difficult to explain, but if you look at our business page- and click on the logo, you’ll see it changes to a qr code.


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