How Gently, Consistently Using Social Media has Long Term Benefits

To me, there are 2 types of social media blogs out there: the instructional, “how to” type social media blogs and the social media theory blogs. Both are full of important, useful information and both give you valuable insight to put to use. But how they differ? Is in the way they make you think.

One of my favorite social media theorists is Ken Mueller, the voice behind Inkling Media‘s blog. Ken recently posted about how consistently using social media – and without shouting – builds awareness and serves as a “gentle reminder” to your customer long term.

Anyone who works in social media has had their fair share of potential clients who have the I-don’t-see-how-social-media-could-possibly-benefit-my-business mentality. So the next time you face that question, instead of taking a deep breath and launching into that conversation, just send them the link to Ken’s article.

This week, E.R. recommends Ken’s It’s a Sign! Social Media and the Art of Awareness and Gentle Reminders.


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