How to Create a Blogging Schedule

While there are many sites out there that post daily or even multiple times a day, this blog posting strategy is not necessary for every blog or business. If you’re considering how to optimize your posting schedule, the overview below can provide some helpful guidelines.

Tips for Creating a Posting Schedule for your Blog

Monday: Monday posts typically see the highest amount of traffic. Even if you are only going to post to your blog once a week, you want to ensure that you have new content up on the first day of the work week.

Tuesday: Tuesday, while still busy, can often see traffic ebb a bit. If you are not planning to post daily, skipping Tuesday is a strong strategy. Your blog post from Monday will still be available for anyone who comes by. This means your content doesn’t seem old or outdated. At the same time, you’re not pushing content too close together and leaving the rest of your week open.

Wednesday: If your blog is full of gorgeous images, Wednesday is another strong day to post. Design, fashion and photography posts do well as many blogs run Wordless Wednesday features. This means that not only is your audience expecting stunning new imagery from you but you can also easily promote your content by linking it to a variety of sites with similar themes.

Thursday: If you’re only looking to post twice a week and your blog is not full of gorgeous images but rather well-worded content, Thursday is a great supplement to your Monday post. You have an even space between your posts week over week and can use this to be sure each blog post gets the appropriate amount of attention.

Friday: If you are not going to post daily, Friday is a great day to skip. No matter how great your content, you can often see a decline in traffic simply because your audience is wrapping things up for the weekend. There are also always a number of people who are taking long weekends.

Weekends: Weekends always see the lowest traffic. People are often busy with their lives offline. As a result, weekends are a great day to post giveaway winners, campaign updates or other items that aren’t likely to be high traffic content anyway.

How do you manage your blog posting strategy?


  1. Alexandra


    Who knew.

    I learn something every time I come here.

  2. Kristin @ What She Said

    Very helpful! I try to post 3x a week, M/W/F, but more often as of late it’s been 2x a week. I might start shooting for a M-Th schedule instead, or at least alternate back and forth.

  3. Alison@Mama Wants This

    I post 3-4 times a week, always on Monday and Thursday, and either Tuesday or Wednesday. With some exceptions, I post from Monday – Thursday. It works for me!

  4. C @ Kid Things

    I try to post Mon-Thurs as well, though sometimes I mix it up and put the Thurs. post on Fri. Though you’re right, Friday is usually a very slow day.

  5. Dr. G


  6. Suzanne

    Very interesting! I had heard that Monday was a strong traffic day, and Google Analytics confirms the low views on the weekend. I definitely need to create a schedule. Do you plan on writing something about a writing calendar (or whatever that is called)? I would be very interested in reading about that.

    • admin

      We can add that to our post list. Thanks!

  7. Brianna

    I post everyday, but Tuesday is my hardest day. I post my book reviews on that day and I am struggling hard to read a book each week. I just don’t have as much time to dedicate to reading as I would like. This post has definitely made me rethink how I need to approach my blogging schedule. I think perhaps an every other Tuesday approach to book reviews might be best. I just need filler for the opposite Tuesdays now.

  8. Leigh Ann

    What interesting info. Monday makes total sense. I post M/W/F, and I always try to reserve my “important” posts for Mondays, then save my lighter posts for the other days. I like giving a day in between for each post to gather a little more reads. Plus I don’t think I could post 4-5 times a week if I really wanted to!

  9. DeniseGabbard@WriteandGetPaid

    Nice post, and has given me something to think about. Like Brittany, I am a night owl–so I guess the answer for us is to schedule what we’ve written at night for around 7 or 8 am. One of my goals is to blog daily M-F through the New Year…with Friday being a wild card. Hope that will work well.

  10. Alison Shaffer

    thanks for the schedule. I did not know which days were the busiest. good to know!

  11. Sarah/USAlovelist

    This was a great post that provided some practical tips I have not seen elsewhere. Better yet, in confirmed exactly what I am doing! Thanks!

  12. Penelope

    These are great tips…honestly, I usually post 2-3 times a week, and I pick Monday and either Wednesday or Thursday, but never based on your criteria. Photos on Wednesday or wordy posts on Thursday is a really terrific idea, thank you!

  13. Smudged Photo

    I think the trouble is actually coming up with content to post that often!!!

  14. Misty

    Thanks! I am new at blogging and have been trying to post on Mon/Thurs. Being in the fashion industry, maybe I will add a post on Wednesday, too.

  15. Joseph Pratt

    I started writing blogs back in August. At first, I just blogged on weekends, then I started blogging more frequently as we got closer to Christmas … and then, beginning earlier this month, I started writing blogs more frequently. I may consider creating a blogging schedule for myself sometime soon. I don’t know how I will do that just yet, though.



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