Facebook’s integration of its timeline for fan pages created a new set of challenges for marketers and page owners. But like with most changes come new opportunities, too.

The image below is a screen capture of an exceptionally well-branded fan page belonging to one of our clients. Jacki of Dare 2 Dream, Dare 2 Do rolled out her brand new website – and corresponding fan page – within days of the new timeline roll out.


Not only do I adore her cover photo, but what I’m focusing on for this post specifically is what she’s done with her list of apps.

5 Ways to Customize your Fan Page Apps

  1. Create custom, branded images for each app Only 4 apps are automatically shown without clicking on the button with the down arrow (which exposes up to 12 total apps). However, you can take advantage of those 4 opportunities to create custom, branded imagery in the dimensions of 111 x 74 pixels.
  2. Change the text that appears under each app This could be a change to something self-explanatory like “The Blog”, or could include a call to action for those visiting your fan page.
  3. Upload an image to each app Whether you have custom artwork done, or use relevant photos or existing branded imagery, you need to know how to upload your images to your apps. Click Edit Page –> Apps to view the list of all apps added to your fan page. You then click “Edit Settings” under each app listed to either change the text that appears under that app or to upload a new image for that app.Edit-Fan-Page-App-Settings
  4. Rearrange your app order When hovering over any of your apps, you’ll see a pencil image appear in the upper right hand corner. After clicking on it, you’ll be given the chance to swap that app’s position with another in your list.rearrange-fan-page-app
  5. Photos, by default, will always be first The location of the photo app is the only one you cannot change. Also, as of right now, a new photo added to your page will replace your existing branded image. So that means if you want to keep a branded image showing, you’ll need to re-upload it each time.

How you tailor your fan page’s apps and their positioning really comes down to your audience. For example, some page owners prefer to show the big thumb up and number of Likes as a sign of social proof, whereas others opt to move that app further down the list since the number of Likes is visible – although less prominently – under the fan page name.

Which apps have you chosen to display on your fan page?


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