One major lure of social media is its potential to make something fantastic that you created, go viral. While there’s no magic formula to produce the next viral sensation, we do have ways to learn about how our content socially spreads.

On Twitter, you can see the number of retweets.

On Facebook, you can count Likes and Shares.

And on Google Plus, it’s the ability to visualize how your content has spread and to see the names of people who spread that fantastic content. All with the help of Ripples.

How to See your Google Plus Ripples

You can access the Ripples of any post that has been publicly shared by clicking on the small downward facing arrow at the top right corner of your Google Plus update.


From there, a graph is generated displaying not only how your content spread, but by whom.


You even have the option to circle those who took part in sharing that content, straight from the graph.


Google Plus Ripples give you invaluable insight that you can use for improving how you engage others and identifying your core influencers.

Have you checked your Ripples? What social analytics do you care most about?

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