Using the Social Author Bio Plugin

If you’ve ever wanted to highlight your blog’s authorship, an author bio box plugin like Social Author Bio is a great one to check out.


Seen here on Eli | Rose, the Social Author Bio plugin includes an avatar, name, author post count, biography and links for 18 social profiles (including email and website). You can also customize the background color and prefix before author name.

A plugin like Social Author Bio is ideal for multi-author blogs. Once you set up additional WordPress users, authors can add their own links and biography to be displayed with their posts.


Then beneath the post content area in the “Add New Post” view, you can select the author’s name from the drop-down menu.


(If you don’t see the Author option, check out your Screen Options menu in the top right corner of your page.)

If you frequently have others writing for your site, using a multi-author bio plugin can save you time and the hassle of including a text bio at the bottom of every new post.


    • admin

      Hey Jennifer,

      No, plugins are a WordPress feature. Sorry!

  1. Jessica

    Love this, definitely installing at PSS, thanks!!

  2. Phil

    how can you add pinterest as one of you places to flow you. thanks

    • Admin

      It’s my understanding that the creator of the plugin is working on improvements that would include more platforms.

      • Phil

        Thanks for the reply, I will be looking for that to come out then. Your blog has been a big help!!


        • Nick Powers


          I added Pinterest, as well as the ability to create custom icons (specify your own link info) in version 2.0.

          The current version allows for modifying the HTML and Style info, without having to modify the code so it is now easier to customize the Social Author Bio box to fit the look/size of your site.

  3. Mado

    I have installed the plugin and I love it, but now I have the author bio in the top, provided by Social Biography, and another social box in the botton, maybe provided by the default wordpress options. How to avoid this duplicity and to only have one?

    • Admin

      Within the Settings of the plugin, you can select if you want the social author bio box to appear on the top or the bottom. Without know your specific WordPress theme, I really can’t say how to “turn off” the default author box plugin.

  4. Mado

    Yeah, I can select top or bottom. I don’t have any problem with Social Bio, it works like a charm, the problem comes with another box that appears too, the same one that appears if I click in the name of the author. I gives the same bio information that I filled in the default “My profile” in wordpress. My wordpress theme is Sliding Doors.


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